Kiran Kunigiri

iOS and Web developer. Designer. Guitar player.

About me

Hello there! My name is Kiran Kunigiri. I've been a web and iOS developer for 4 years, and I work on cool new projects everyday. I live in California in the Silicon Valley and I go to Cupertino High School. I'm a senior there, and although I'm busy with school, I always make sure I have time to code!

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iOS Development

I've been an iOS and Mac developer for 4 years, and have plenty of experience with both Swift and Objective-C. I've made several apps, 4 of which are on the app store.

Web Develoment

Although my main trade is iOS development, I have experience in web development as well. I've created numerous websites (such as this one) from scratch with smooth user experiences. I'm currently learning React.


I design all my projects myself using Sketch. After designing more than 10 apps with it, I've learned the ins and outs of Sketch and design. Posts of these designs will be up soon.

Classical Guitar

I've been playing the guitar for over 7 years now. I recently started composing series of acoustic and electric music. You can listen to them on SoundCloud.


I have experience in Java and JavaFX. I've built applications in JavaFX, and made an open source animation library for it called Sprint!.

Game Development

Before becoming an iOS developer, I started off making games! I made random games and learned game development for around 6 months, and know how to use GameMaker and Unity.



Access my Github to see all my projects!


This Website

This website is the biggest web project that I've done so far. More updates with cooler features and bug fixes get added every week! You can access it on Github now.


Color Cabinet

An iOS and Mac app that helps designers pick and manage beautiful color collections for their designs. It utilizes Wifi and USB for a realtime connection between devices, and allows you to see your changes on screen instantly!

Website App Store

Video Compare

A Mac app that lets you view multiple videos at the same time! You can use the app to see multiple video takes and pick the best one quickly, watch and compare basketball games, compare 2 different video games, and more!

App Store Trailer Video

Apple Family

Apple Family is a connectivity library that allows iOS and mac devices to connect via Wifi, Bluetooth, and USB! It was used in my other project, Color Cabinet.


Robotics Team Website

I created a website to showcase all my awesome robotics team has done. I was a software head of the Cupertino FTC Robotics team, and we've done a lot over the years. Check out the site!

Github Website

sprint(); JavaFX Animation

sprint(); is an animation library I made for JavaFX. It allows for rapid animation develoment, since animating using JavaFX is very lengthy and takes a long time. With sprint(); you can easily chain animations together and animate your UI with ease.



Quest is the first iOS app I created and published. This was built during my time at Make School Quest is an app that turns task managment into a game by allowing you to level up and gain experience points every time you finish a task!

Download Website


Ludus is another iOS app built at HackingEDU with 3 other friends. Ludus allows for easy management and collaboration between coaches and their students. Coaches can track their students' skills and abilities, tell them what they need to work on, and more from just inside the app!

Github Devpost

R Web

R Web stands for Random Web, and it's just a collection of interesting Web snippets that can be used anywhere. It expands every week, and it is open for anyone to contribute to it. Most of the snippets are currently small components that I built when creating new projects.

Github Coming Soon


Retrospecs was one of the first programming projects I ever built. It's a small game that I built with 4 other friends at Hack Gen Y; a platformer that teaches people about computers! It's free to play on Itch.io.

Download Devpost


FBLA Digital Video Production Nationals

My team and I won 1st place at the FBLA State conference, and 3rd place at the FBLA National conference in the Digital Video Production competition. We created a trailer for an original science fiction TV series.

Watch our trailer

FBLA E-Business Nationals

My team and I won 1st place at the FBLA State conference, and 8th place at the FBLA National conference in the E-Business category. We created an online commerce store where people could buy and sell their art.

Video Photos

Make Hacks - Best Social App

At Make Hacks, my team and I created QuikBux, a web and iOS app that allows people to find quick jobs for quick cash. With it, we won the award for the best Social App by Dailymotion.

Github Website Press Devpost Photos

Check out my resume

Take a look at my resume to get a quick overview.



Make Hacks

Make Hacks was the first hackathon in which my team and I won an award!. We won the best social app award by Dailymotion for creating QuikBux. Read more about it in the projects and awards sections!



HackingEDU was where my team and I made Ludus. Learn more about it in the projects section!


Angel Hacks

At this hackathon, I created a fun and random app called 5 minute shower with 3 friends. It aims to minimize the amount of time people spend in the shower.

Download Github

HS Hacks II

At HSHacks II, I took time off to learn more about programming and advance my skills.


Hack Gen Y

Hack Gen Y was my first hackathon, and in it, I built Retrospces. Learn about it in the projects section!


Coming Soon

Nintendo Switch News

One of the biggest projects I'm working on. An entire social platform for writers to post the latest news about Nintendo, and a community for people to discuss those events, all based on an Nintendo Switch themed interface.

Productive Room

A unique new way to stay productive.

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